ALL Students Should Learn CS.  ALL Teachers Can Teach CS.

We invite you to join us in an exciting opportunity to provide high-quality computer science (CS) educational opportunities for our California students.

Past Winter of CS Workshops
December 2023, January 2024, and February 2024

Special Winter Of CS Opportunity at the CA STEAM Symposium

This year there was a special Winter of CS where workshops were offered Feb. 9-10, 2024 at the Long Beach Convention Center as part of the annual CA STEAM Symposium co-hosted by CDE Foundation, CA Dept. of Ed, and the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. 

Past Winter of CS Orientation Workshops

Note: At our virtual computer science professional learning workshops, we prioritize fostering an interactive and collaborative environment. These workshops are designed not only to impart standards-based knowledge and skills but also to provide California K-12 educators with the invaluable opportunity to connect with their peers who share a passion for computer science and educational technology. Considering this emphasis on connecting with others, we have chosen not to permit AI notetaking bots, like Otter AI, during our sessions. Our decision aligns with the expectations set by the California Department of Education, which requires active, live participation from educators to qualify for stipends related to these synchronous workshops. We understand that everyone's learning preferences differ. If you're someone who leans towards asynchronous learning, we encourage you to check out the other Seasons of CS learning opportunities.