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Welcome To California's Year-Round Computer Science (CS)
Professional Learning Program

ALL Students Should Learn CS.  ALL Teachers Can Teach CS.

We invite you to join us in an exciting opportunity to provide high-quality computer science (CS) educational opportunities for our California students.

Seasons of CS is a research-backed professional learning model for California educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, and counselors who are interested in bringing computer science to their students. This program aims to expand the capacity for equitable, scalable, and sustainable computer science education in California. 

CS First - San Marcos workshop

Upcoming Summer of CS Workshops 

We have so much in store for you during the 2024 Summer of CS including both statewide and regional workshops for K-12 educators and paraprofessionals. Stipend Information and Travel Reimbursement

Due to capacity constraints, choose only one summer workshop when you enroll for a workshop. Space will be provided to participants who complete the Summer of CS registration process on a "first come, first served" basis. Provided there is space in the workshop you choose, and both you and your administrator sign the 2024 Seasons of CS Participation Agreement, a final confirmation of your registration will be sent to the email you provide during the registration process.

Please scroll down to view all Summer of CS offerings, or use the Filter feature to target the sessions you are most interested in. 

Update! Summer of CS Workshops are happening now! Registration for most summer workshops is closed. However, registration for a few regional workshops is still open. Scroll down to view available workshops.

When: June - August 2024

Audience Eligibility: Intended for public school educators and paraprofessionals. A variety of workshops are offered for different grade levels. Learn more

Commitment: Ongoing professional learning during the 2024/2025 school year including the Summer of CS workshop of your choice. Learn more

Stipend: A $250 daily stipend for Summer of CS workshop participation. Additionally, stipend payments of $250 will be paid for every completion of 6 hours of training during ongoing professional learning in the 2024/2025 school year. Learn more

Travel and Lodging: Reimbursement for lodging and mileage costs will be offered. Workshop participants must have a completed Participation Agreement to be eligible for a stipend and travel reimbursement payment

Registration Requirement: Due to capacity constraints, choose only one summer workshop when you enroll for a workshop. You and your supervisor must sign the Participation Agreement before your registration is fully confirmed. No prior knowledge in Computer Science is necessary to participate.

Summer of CS Kickoff Webinar: Thank you to all who attended our virtual Summer of CS Kickoff webinar that was hosted on Monday, June 3, 2024 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM! Our keynote speaker was Stephen Callahan, the Educational Technology and Engineering Design Coordinator for the San Joaquin County Office of Education. Did you miss the Kickoff. Check out this recording for a sneak peek of Summer of CS offerings?

New to Seasons of CS?
If you are just starting your professional learning journey through the Seasons of CS, consider attending one (or more) of the 2024 Summer of CS Workshops. 

Check out our Summer of CS offerings which are high-quality, relevant, and intensive workshops for teachers, paraprofessionals, school counselors, and school administrators. Stipend Information

Wondering If This Opportunity Is For You?
No computer science experience is necessary to participate in Seasons of CS offerings.

There are a wide variety of workshops for grades K-12. Check out our 2024 Summer of CS Workshops happening near you this summer.

What Are The Benefits Of Participating In A Workshop?
Here are some of the benefits of participating in a Seasons of CS workshop: 

What Can I Expect?
By participating in Seasons of CS, you can inspire and engage your students in computer science and technology, helping to foster the next generation of tech-savvy leaders in our increasingly digitized world. Additionally, Summer of CS can help you bridge equity gaps that keep students of every gender, race, and socioeconomic status from accessing equitable, high-quality computer science education. 

How Can CS Be Integrated Into What I Am Already Teaching?
There is a Seasons of CS workshop that is just right for you whether you are a Science teacher, English teacher, Math teacher, etc. Check out this video to hear how you could integrate CS in your classroom. 

I Want The Best For My Students. Where Do I Start?
Try one of the 3-hour 2024 CS Orientation Workshops

We also have Summer of CS offerings which include both state-wide and regional workshops from June-August 2024.  Register today and make a difference at your school!

Why Should Math and Science Teachers Bring CS To Their Students? 

Only half of high schools in California offer a computer science class. By having computer science content integrated into math and science classes, you can help to foster the next generation of tech-savvy leaders in our increasingly digitized world. 

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High-Quality, Standards-Aligned, and Equity-Minded CS Professional Learning for Every Season

The Summer of CS features "Onboarding" Workshops for teams of K-12 Teachers, Paraeducators, Counselors, and Administrators.  These intensive workshops take place in June, July, and August, and will help you prepare to teach CS in the coming school year. Check out the statewide CSPDWeek happening July 22-26, 2024 in Anaheim.

The Autumn of CS features "Orientation" Workshops, "Ongoing" Academic Year Workshops, and "Ongoing" Community of Practice Meetings in September, October, and November.

The Winter of CS features "Orientation" Workshops, "Ongoing" Academic Year Workshops, and "Ongoing" Community of Practice Meetings in December, January, and February.  Additionally, the Winter of CS will be featured as a strand of cutting-edge CS presentations at the California STEAM Symposium.

Spring Into CS features "Orientation" Workshops, "Ongoing" Academic Year Workshops, and "Ongoing" Community of Practice Meetings in March, April, and May.

Questions about the Seasons of CS?
Review the FAQ and/or email

Questions about participation stipends?
Review the FAQ and/or complete the Stipend Inquiry Form.